There are some conceptual hoops we need to jump through to make sure this makes sense. First, the pH scale, 0 to 14, low to high, acid to base, and neutral is 7. Second, the human body thrives only in a narrow range of the pH scale, between 7.35 and 7.45.

See? Only two hoops, and it got us to people needing to be just on the alkaline side of pH neutral. And the body is set up to keep us in that essential range. We can make it tough. Eating something with a lot of sugar and fat will acidify the body and stress the balance.

Or, we can eat a lime, which helps alkalize the body, setting off a myriad of health benefits through biochemistry. The benefits include lowering blood-sugar, -pressure, and strengthening bones (alkalizing the body keeps our metabolisms from mining our bones for calcium).

For the reasons covered in our basic chemistry lesson, limes, the little green citrus fruit, zing to an A.

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