Gravity, it’s got a hold of you right now (unless you’re reading this from the space station or some other zero-gravity situation). Anyway, gravity, we’re mostly thankful for the embrace, but decades of gravity will begin to show on our bodies, inside and outside.

Inside those tissues get compressed and we become “stooped with age” (quotes because it’s a phrase from Middle English). So, to counter gravity, one can use gravity to pull in the other direction, get some circulation into the gravity squished tissues, oxygenate.

Really what we need is a safe way to hang upside-down for a time. Voilà. Yoga Trapeze did just that. And you will have to work your way up in how much time you can dangle upside-down, but each minute rejuvenates the posture and lifts the ravages of gravity

Yoga Trapeze helps stave off the visible pull of gravity and levitates to an A.


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