La Croix sparkling water, luh Qwah, if you want to say it with pomposity. They color-code their flavors, so there’s an orange that’s a lighter orange, tangerine, in color more than flavor, but that’s their thing, subtle with the flavor, quenching thirst without sugar.

And, as a beverage company, La Croix is at least aware of an issue particular to beverages, aware enough to give assurances to consumers that they are being careful in regard to Bisphenol A. One shouldn’t use plastics rated 3 or 7, for the same reason, BPA.

Taking some responsibility, acknowledging a thing is a thing, La Croix Tangerine Flavor makes a B.

BTW, Zooey Deschanel has this crazy idea: reusable water bottles. Cheap plastic for bottled water is another potential source of BPA.

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