Potato chips are so passé. Really, either invented in England as a variant of French fries in the early 1800s, or invented in 1853 by George Crum (a much better story, ethnic protagonist, hot summer, demanding customer, impromptu recipe), a chef in upstate New York, but whatever the origin, the potato chip has had its place in the pantheon of recreational foods long enough.

Plantain chips are the new thing. They have flavor, plantain with a very subtle saltiness. They have texture, crunchiness with some real body to it. And plantain chips don’t get oily, either, as do our little potato friends. Whose plantain chips? To steal a line from a favorite movie: “This ain’t rocket surgery.” One step above bulk foods, RiverTrail® Foods, no superfluous packaging, deliver.

Put them in a see-through bag, see what you’re getting, practical marketing at its best. RiverTrail® Foods Plantain Chips get an A. Or, you can upscale.

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