Natierra, Freeze Dried Organic Roasted Corn

They’ve really stepped it up a notch in freeze-drying. Nature’s All can somehow remove all the water from a fruit or vegetable, so whatever juicy morsel it once was, now it’s as dry and fluffy as popcorn. Some flavors, however, don’t merit the magic process.

FATHER: Remember how you liked the freeze-dried mangoes? This is the corn. It’s light and crunchy, and tastes like corn on the cob. (HE pours some kernels in HER hand. SHE samples and doesn’t like them.)

DAUGHTER: Does it though?

FATHER: Okay, the first picking of corn, before it gets sweet, maybe grilled a tad too much… .

DAUGHTER: (Still grimacing with disgust) Does it, though?

The grade for strictly the roasted corn flavor, schoolmarm gives it a C, generations X, Y, and especially Z, give this a resounding F.