It’s cold, fizzy, thirst quenching, but not ridiculously sweet. Kombucha, it’s like beer without the buzz. Fermented foods (and beverages) are giving a nod to our symbionts, those tiny assistants that help us metabolize nutrients.
One can do kombucha at home with the brewing of the tea and adding the sugar and keeping the scoby, which is like this gelatinous mothership of microbes and yeast, or, one can forego the hassle and buy it at the store. Luckily, ready-made kombucha is now trendy.
Which to buy? A lot of them are good, and humm®, is among the best. They use organic ingredients and make a superb selection of flavors and humm® puts them in nifty, mermaid bottles. So, humm® kombucha, all flavors, bubble to a B.

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