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Food is medicine. Yes, the right foods will help you heal from and avoid disease, but take it a step further. Certain foods, and additives in foods, can cause or worsen health problems. That’s the other side of nutritional medicine.

Jude, mastermind behind Hannah Says, knows this lesson about nutritional medicine all too well. Jude does have a Master’s in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, but her interest in nutritional medicine is more personal.

She has dealt with chronic pain for decades, rheumatoid arthritis, but it can be managed. We do a lot of home cooking here at Hannah Says headquarters, mostly vegetables and certain meats, fruits, not that many grains.

Pain is the price for certain foods, which also explains the focus of the foods we review. Jude is the practitioner of an acupuncture and wellness clinic, which is how we practice what we preach.


Food choices can also aspire to a higher ideal or make a statement about how we should treat our fellow creatures and planet. That’s why Hannah is so much more than just a spokesmodel. She’s the inspiration for Hannah Says.

She is a vegan, for those idealistic reasons. Hannah is also driven. She graduated from high school a year early with academic excellence, and when her classmates were posing for graduation photos, Hannah was already self-sufficient.

And it’s for these young people, like Hannah, that us consumers need be aware, because our choices drive sustainable or wasteful, organic or genetically modified, beneficial or unwholesome. The stakes are the world we bequeath.


Food is also an art form. And if one is set up to do cooking, then that’s the secret to wellness. Here at Hannah Says headquarters, the kitchen of our house is as the bridge of a ship, usually manned. Much time is devoted to preparing vegetables and select meats.

The kitchen is manned mostly by Daniel. When he isn’t on the bridge, Daniel is often at his desk, picture dark mahogany with a glass top, decorative mirror from the Victorian Age, and add a laptop computer to reach from the 19th to the 21st centuries.  

And so, Daniel is the writer and primary photographer of Hannah Says. But, if he’s the writer, that means this about biography is an illeism. Is he referring to himself in the third-person right now? Yes, he is. He has written lots of things, including novels.


Our stand-in and Hannah Says mascot, Kai is from the Standing Rock Reservation. Yes, a refugee from that, and you can tell she has seen some confrontation in her puppyhood and doesn’t like it. So tone of voice is all the discipline necessary. She’s also playful and friendly.

Hannah calls our other household dweller “le chat,” French for cat. Yes, Hannah learned French. As for Chloe, the cat, she’s the more enigmatic member of the team. She’s selective and confusing as to which visitors she will deign worthy of a greeting how much attention she will tolerate.

Thank you for visiting our site. As thought provocateurs, appreciate every visit.


Hannah Says (found at clikmonger.com)